Sunday, 28 October 2012

How To Read Eyes

Eyes are the most attractive part of human body. They are in pair but work together. they tell us everything. you can control your tongue and emotions but u can't control your eyes.
There is a specific language of eyes. You can recognize it through eye-contact
yes! it is possible to read someones eyes through look deeply and your brain collects information through someones Eyes.
There are following steps through u can read eyes easily:-

1) it takes 7 to 10 seconds you to fall in love with someone special and
    that's called "love at first sight ".

2) if your eyebrows angled is in down position it means u are Angry
    if your eyebrows angled is in up position that means you are sad
    if your eyebrows is arched it means you are surprised

3) if your eyes are shifty (moving rapidly left and right direction) it means you are trying to lie

4) love starts from eyes and allows our heart to beat fast.

5) Gazing someone tells u that person is actually thinking virtually and deeply on a specific subject.

6) If the person is looking into the sides, in the directions of there ears means that person is
    describing feeling to you

7) If you look down normally it means you have knowledge with what you have learnt already

8) If a person is stealing eyes it means he is trying to hiding Emotions

9) If a Girls is Gazing on you and Smiling Deeply it means she has some feeling inside

10) If a girl is blinking her eyes again & again it means she wants to cry.

11) If the first drop of your eyes it means Happiness and if it is from left it means it is Pain

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