Thursday, 3 January 2013

India & Pakistan Friendship

Today I am going to share friendship between India and Pakistan.
There are some advantages and disadvantages of this friendship
for example: Indian industries and companies spread their business across the border.
we all know that there are some attacks which have been taken place in India.
recently "Kasab" a boy from Pakistan hanged to death. in friendship we need to maintain relationship from both sides but as far as i know Pakistan is doing just a formality. for this you can check history. India did not attack Pakistan since 1947 but Pakistan has been attacking  india since the time again & again .
1971 war, Kargil war are the examples. Every year many people come to india from Pakistan starts living here, expend their business, makes money with their talent and spread their generations.
why not Indians?
and they are charging tax at Hindus those who lives in Pakistan
but why not India?

I am not pointing finger or i am not telling that Pakistan is corrupt country or wrong.
I mean that some people in Pakistan are wrong doing misdeeds. they are discrediting Islam and Muslims
I think Pakistan Government need to change there policy and it should stop Terrorism but queston is still there If every muslim is not terrorist than why every terrorist is a Muslim?
and there is another questions arises why Pakistan need Kashmir?
Why Pakistan has been fighting with India for Kashmir since 1947?
If India and Pakistan are friends than why there is border between these two countries?
If Pakistan Government can give answer than it deserves friendship?
In short I just wanna see these two countries without any boundaries..

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