Sunday, 20 January 2013

Pakistan: Friend or Foe

First take a look at India's population. according to survey it is about 1.22 crores and Pakistan population is about 20 crores. India have 14.7 lacks soldiers and Pakistan have 6.7 lacks soldiers even though Pakistan deceived India many times.

1st deceive:- In 1947 at the time of independence there were almost 95%  of Hindus even India became a democratic country but Pakistan not. first time Pakistan have fallen on India in 1974 and took over Kashmir on behalf of that now Pakistan have 13297 square k.m area of Kashmir.

2nd deceive:- in 1965 Pakistan again attacked on India as  Kashmir people. Pakistan lost that war but India again gave 3885 square k.m area to Pakistan.

3rd deceive:-  When Pakistan crossed all the limit of  Humanity in Bangladesh. So India had to come in between  and helped  Bangladesh. That time India captured 90368 Pakistani soldiers and later on they sat free after Shimla compromise but Pakistan refused to follow it.

4th deceive:- In 1999 Pakistan again attacked on India. it is known as kargil war. At that time Pakistan had to compromise with India.

Therefore I just wanna convey my message straight to Pakistan that there are many gang leaders who still want to attack India, had taken shelter in Pakistan. from beginning Pakistan is refusing all about this matter.
first Pakistan said that Osama bin laden is not in Pakistan but at last he died in Pakistan this proves that Pakistan is still deceiving India.

Recently, At border terrorist killed 2 Indian soldiers mercilessly but it doesn't make any difference to Indian Army. there are still many soldiers who are ready to die for their country.

Now according to the survey 33.97% people says that we should finish all relationship with Pakistan.
40.32% people says that Pakistan deserves war.

war has its some advantages and disadvantages...


  •  lots of innocent people will be died
  •  loss of life and money
  • Its hard of both the countries to bear expenses of this war.
  • War cause unemployment and poverty in both countries
  • Both countries have nuclear power it they will use it there will be lots of destruction all over.


Therefore we can see that there are more disadvantages of this war. it should not be taken place.
because War is not the solution of any problem.

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