Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Are Women Safe

I have been observing that since from the Long times women has played an important Role, but she has not been given that much importance from the decades
Recently, we all know that in Delhi a Innocent Girl has been Raped. Media has shown all this on t.v. with the effect of this A Law has been Passed in Delhi that after 7 pm no Auto-Driver can't Refused any Girl for any place and There is also a Toll free Helpline No. for Women 1090 or 100. Some people think that Girls should not be allowed to wear Jeans but I say that we need to change our thinking not Dress.

       According to the survey Every Year 1 Lacks Women are Kidnapped and Raped.
Here, I must Mention that Media has don't a Great Job for the Delhi Rape Case but what about others.
Whole country is thinking about her and she has already died in Singapore. Matter is we need to think that in near future Nobody will be able to do such type of Crime.
        You will be shocked to know that after a Delhi Rape Case I saw Myself that more then 50 Rape Cases have been taken place in India but Nobody is paying attention on It. Even police has not done so much impressive duty. I think we are enjoying that type of News but its really a Serious matter. Anyone can be Victim of this.
        When all this Matter will be slow down then some day some other will try to do this again.
It is for Government and for Police also to not to leave even a single one, whatever It may be.
We must follow the Rules and Respect Women. There should be a same place for men and women.
That's all.

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