Thursday, 10 January 2013

Karl marx

karl heinrich marx was born on 5th may 
1818 in trier, kingdom of parussa. He was
 a great philospher of sociologi and his Idias
 played a significant role in the established
 of the social Science, and the development 
of the sociologist movement.He is also 
considered one of the greatest economists 
in history.his famous books is the Capital
and The communist manifesto.He tried by all, I think karl 
marx want comes some change in society but he Died in 
14 march he is not among us,he gave us many 
thoughts, many idias for take changes in our society but we
 see society has not much improved.
     Can we not improve our society ?
     Do you not want to change this society ?
if you wants,
please share with us.What can we do to change Society ?
please write us your great thought for change the


  1. why not SURE.
    I think we have done first end to superstition then we do other thing..........
    in this way we can change our society.........Lz

  2. We have to do something.