Saturday, 19 January 2013

What Is Humanity?


This is a live incident. It was about 1 Month ago
Once i was going to Bank on my bike.
A car was running in front of my bike and it was going on very high speed.
In the mean time a DOG was crossing road. Unfortunately a car crashed that Innocent Dog.
Car went away but the Dog had died. then i saw that dog was lying between the road.
lots was blood shattered on the road. I stopped my bike, saw that dog. it was very hard for me to see him
then I picked him and put it on the road side.

Now the question is that...

Why Did I Do That?
I did it because it was my duty, actually it was HUMANITY inside me
After that
I called municipal committee and they took that dog away.
Now another Question arises that...
Why Did It Happened...?
It happend because we drive car faster and we dont care about anything.
we became selfish and running behind time eventually we have forgotten HUMANITY.
I request everyone to drive at moderate speed and grow HUMANITY among each other.

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  1. there are good people and bad ones...i am just glad there are more good people like you than bad people.

  2. Thanks Art Hernandez...
    And i think you are also one of them...

  3. Thanks Art Hernandez...
    And i think you are also one of them...

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