Monday, 25 February 2013

Common Man

Hi Friends, You know I am just a Common Man, Even I am trying to break my Limits. Today I am gonna discuss about a common man use to live in India. A Normal Life Style, not a High class living, Self employed, having Private or Government Job these all are the Example of common man.

It is the same common man living in the 21th Century and still fears to travel in the Trains and Buses. It is the same common man when goes on job everyday his Wife call her Husband and ask every time to Take food, Actually by calling she just wanna now that he is Dead or Alive... isn't it...? His family members still fear for him that at night he may be some back home or not.

Common Man is who sometimes sticks in the rain, sometimes in traffic and even sometimes on bomb blasts. I mean that our countries atmosphere and condition are too negative to survive. Its like a  war in every steps of his life. Only some few people are creating this atmosphere that we we afraid to go out and do not allow to go out at night to girls and even we afraid to grow long bread and put on Muslims caps because of some stupid violent people. People think of terrorists when they see a person with a long beard and Muslim cap. I mean we need to be united in order to live a peaceful life. We need not to wait for a long time to Die because if we just sit quietly somewhere somebody is planning to kill innocent common people like me and like you. Even today is my turn but tomorrow it may be your turn. until we take any step against this, Common Man will keep on dying. As long as we are Bearing, someone is making us suffer. lets lit a flame of fire in our heart together, lets remove all fears from our heart. lets not be a common man, be special and this is just common step from a common me... trying to break limitations.

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