Monday, 18 February 2013

Dark Side Of Indian Society?

Hello friends, its been long time to post. actually i was busy in collecting data.
Today, I am going to share some authentic point about Indian society.

  • If a girl is out of home Tease her, COMMENT on her or more over RAPE her but when someone looks on your sister then there is a point about your family Respect.
  • Keep silent some family burn bridle in dowry case. But If someone do same thing with your daughter then you are ready to launch an FIR on that family.
  • If two people are happy and want to marry each other then kill both of them and will be called HONOR KILLING.
  • You need a good and well Educated  girl for your son but girls are being killed before birth.
  • Reservation is available for entrance exam, job and promotion. there is no meaning of merit, i don't know why there is no reservation for poor people
  • We call our-self ultra modern, people of 21th century even though a girl think 100 times before going out on night.
  • You can love any girl and stay in a relationship with her but why don't you permit your sister to stay in a relationship.
  • Every father wanna marry his daughter in a rich family and give lots of dowry to someone but if your daughter wanna marry with her happy then you don't allow her... why?
  • If a boy and girl do inter cast marriage then every person of the society don't talk to them. why?
  • If someone do court marriage then society will not allow her sister to marry with her choice.

I think this is all because people are not happy with there happiness but they are happy because someone is in a problem...
we are not Modern we are still living in a old Generation
Its time to change out thinking. STOP this CRIME... I will try to change this society as long as I am alive.

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