Sunday, 23 December 2012

A Short Love Story

This is the story of the days when an Ice Cream cost much less
10 years old a cute boy entered a coffee shop and sat on a table
after few minutes a waitress came to him and put a glass of water in front of him
Boy asked her...
"how much an ice cream"?
Waitress replied..." only 50 cents sir".
little boy pulled his hands out of his pocket and studied his coin
then boy again said..." well how much is a plain dish of an ice cream"?
But in same time more costumers were waiting for waitress and she was losing her patient
she quickly replied..." 35 cents"

The Little boy again counted his coins...
Then again he said...
I would like to take plain dis of an Ice Cream.
the waitress bought her ice cream and put the bill on his table and walked away to others
boy finished the ice cream, paid his bill and left away
after some time Waitress came to his table
As soon as she wiped down the table she started Crying.
She saw 5 pennies inside the Ice Cream dish
You see ,he refused first Ice Cream which costs 50 cents
because the boy had to manage to give her a TIP.

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