Wednesday, 12 December 2012

This could be your story

It happens an year ago.This is all about how cruel the military man
is i m not talking that everyone is same but in my opinion Mostly
military man r like same.Last year a student was going to meet his
 parents he had a ticket but the train was crowded & full so he
 tried to get in a military compartment but you know no body
opened the door.Student tried to get in forcefully (Willy-Nilly) and
while struggling he got hanged on the door.After some time he fell
 down and injured badly.He got lots of wounds.No military man
felt pity for that innocent student he went to complaint but nobody
 helped him.
We all knows that there is a separate compartment available in train
 only for military persons,legaly its there. But where is humanity
 I think this rule will be changed.There should be a place for a citizens.

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  1. Yes, it happens so many time in india... no humanity exist anywhere.,...