Saturday, 22 December 2012

Delhi Rape Case

This is not a drama topic its a real case
and everyone knows about Delhi rape case

There is a little hope of surviving,
according to the doctors she is enduring unimaginable pain. and she cant even breadth properly
her pulse rate is 130 which is much higher then normal pulse rate.
due to increasing in Pilates level decreased and remain just 48 thousands which is in between 1.5 lacks to 4 lacks in normal condition.
this is really a serious case

she came to sense after 36 hours of incident.
but she was unable to speak anything, yet she wrote some messages for her mother
and the message was
"O mother i just wanna stay alive"
while crying she described her pain and wrote a message
"lift my leg and clean my throat"
after this...
she just contineued to stair at roof.... her eyes kept on crying again & again
doctor said that "being a man i am not in the condition to describe how much pain she is enduring
and how she is managing to stay alive.
but she told that there is a in her intestine.
someone attacked in her stomach with a heavy metal rod.
she got many internal injury and her head stucked into wall and on the floor many times
due to this she got 23 stitches in her head.
she also got combat injury in backbone
and she went in coma 5 times
the feeling and pain is so hard to describe
i dont have words to explain my feelings
doctors are still trying to save her life
they  have done life saving surgery 3 times and still trying to save her life.
Pray for her life...

well there is no solution of this problem
but there are some steps we can follow to decrease rape case in India

1. There should be a guideline for adult contents on t.v, magzines, newspaper and on mobile phones
2. Immature people (below 18) should not allowed to watch such type of things
3. Children should be given proper moral education including Adult Education.
4. Joint family system should be followed again.
5. We should share Your mind to our family and close relatives.
6. Last but not the least, we should leave our mind empty or in other word we should never stay free
because it is said that a free mind is a devil's Workshop.

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