Friday, 14 December 2012

Does God Cry?

A Little Girl asked her Mother
Mom "Does God Cry?"
Don't be Silly God can't cry baby," Her Mother replied
But what about
when he looks down from Heaven 
he sees all the People who need his Help
and seeds at Playground Kids fall and Scrapes there Knees?
How about Aunt Jenny who couldn't have baby?
Or What about Poor Kids who gets no Christmas Toys?
Mom I think may be God would cry...

Its not the fault of God its our fault
Its all because we don't have Time to pray or to Think about God
God gave us his Love and Grace, but we divided it into many Names and Characters
God gave us Humanity but, we all divided into many Casts and Religions
God gave us Earth but, we all divided into many Countries
We forgot to Respect our Elders and Parents
I don't know who has done all this and who is Behind all this deeds
But now a days "We Worship Money as God"
We need to Change our Thinking
I Think yes!! God Would Cry
Still my Question is
Where is Humanity?

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