Sunday, 9 December 2012

Did You Marry A Right Person?

This is gonna be a Interesting Story. i just wanna share this with you.
it was a good day and i was taking a Seminar .
seminar was all about Relationship, and how to Maintain Relationship and all that.
It was going good
Suddenly a lady asked a Question
"How do i know if I Marry a Right Person"?
I Noticed that Everyone was in a state of shocked
then I thought for a while
and I Answered her Question in a simple was
Every Relationship has a cycle
In the begnning the Relationship you will "Fall In Love" and Feel Good.
You will Experience Everything new
Actually, Falling in Love is not Hard with your Spouse.
Infect It is a New and Spontaneous Experience.
You don't need to do anything that's why its called "Falling" in Love
Falling In Love is Easy but too hard to Maintain Relationship
Because you have to Believe in Love.
But after a few years of Marriage Sanerio changes.
Love starts Fading. Don't Worry it a natural process for Every Relation
Slowly Slowly Phone Calls become Botheration.
But If you think about your Marriage you will notice a Dramatic Change in your Marriage
Between Initial stage and Present stage
At this point you and your Spouse starts asking that that Question
"Did I Marry a Right Person"?
People begin to blame their Spouse for their Happiness and start looking outside Marriage for their Fulfillment
But Answer of the Problem does not Lies outside of the Marriage
It Lies within.
I am not saying that you cant Fall in Love with someone else
Infect you will Feel Better but Temporary not Permanent.
and you will be in the same Situation after your Relationship

Listen This Very Carefully
Its just Learning the Right person you Find.
love is not a Spontaneous Experience. It does not Last Forever.
It takes time Energy Effort Care Affection and Most Importantly Wisdom.
You have to Learn How Your Marriage Works.
Love is not a Mystery. Its a Great Feeling which can't be Expressed through words
It is just a \Decision not a Choice
At Last
Relationship is not a matter of Chance its a matter of Choice its not the thing to be waited for its the thing to be achieved

I hope this will be good for your relationship.
Best of Luck

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