Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Tips To Improve Your Life

1. Give people more then they Expect and do it Cheerfully
2. Don't Believe all you hear, Spend all you have and Sleep all you want
3. When you feel Sorry look into the person's Eyes
4. Be Engaged at least before 6 months of your Marriage
5. Believe in "Love at first sight"
6. Never Laugh at anyone's Dream because you have no Idea what there Life has gone through
7. Don't Judge Peoples by there Relatives
8. Talk Slowly but Think Quickly
9. Always remember that Great Love and Great Achievement need Great Risk.
10. Say "God Bless You" when you hear someone Sneeze in this way you will Win Heart of that person
11. When you lose don't Lose the Lesson
12. Always remember the Three R's : Respect yourself, Respect others and Responsibility for all you action.
13. Don't let a Small miss understanding Break your Great Relation
14. When you Realize your Mistake, Accept it and Mean it.
15. Smile it when you hear the phone ring, caller will feel it.
16. Spend sometime Alone.
17. Spend more time with Children under the age of 7 and the person who is above 60.

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    1. thanks jack and jagran junction is also good