Thursday, 15 November 2012

Amazing Differences

know about differences between confusing things 

Wheel & Tyre

 Wheel is a device that allow heavy objects to move easily. it can lift heavy weight & mass,while Tyre is a outer most part o the Wheel which is made up of Rubber and mostly used in Vehicles for smooth movement

Virus & Bacteria


Bacteria is a orgenism which lives between sales. They can produce virus itself.
Bacteria can be usful for some reasons whereas all viruses are harmful.Antibiotics can kill bacteria but not viruses strep throat is deseases caused by bacteria but flue is caused by viruses.

Laptop & Notebook


A Laptop is design for a professional work. it is loaded with its main function s are as follow :-
14''-17'' TFT wide screen, graphics, internal DVD and CD drives, 3+hours battery life upgradeable, wi-fi bluetooth high performance etc.


A Notebook is designed for mobile computing and it will not effect your back. Its main functions are as follow:-
Ultralight , 4-5 hours battery life , no intrnal floppy drive , no internal DVD or CD system , 12"-14'' TFT screen