Sunday, 4 November 2012

Women or Mistery

Women play an important role in our society and in this world.
almost 51% of this world is full of females.she plays important roles as
Mother, Daughter, Wife, Grand Mother and Girl friend as well.
but i think there is something different in women
no one can understand her behavior even god can't.
here are some quotes about women

Note:- Don't take this Article a seriously and Deeply its just for fun and Entertainment but there is some truth in these Quotes.

1. Women are to be Loved not to be understood.

2  All Girls want other to praise her.

3. Women have more no. of friends then boys.

4. All girls pick up maximum wrong no. then boys.

5. You can ignore the Beauty of the women but you can't ignore her simplicity.

6. Women need reason to love but men don't.

7. Men fall in love with there eyes but women fall in love with there ears.

8. Between boys and girls there is no friendship. there can be passion, emotions, worship,
    enmity and love but no friendship (love always  comes in between ask yourself).

9. There is no doubt that all girls are crazy, its only a question of limit.

10. You can find a girl who has never had an affair but its hard to find someone who has had just

11. A Women can bear more pain then a boy can.

12. Nobody can win with a girl at any subject.

13  Where there are 2 or more women are present at one place they can not be silent.

14. Boys need a topic to speak but boys don't.

15. Women don't tell what is going in her mind and in her heart.

16. Behind every successful men there is a woman and behind every unsuccessful man there are
      more women.

17. Power of the youth and beauty of the women is the biggest power in this world.

18. A women cant be a best friend of woman.

19. Women lie more then men.

20. Men die before women on an average.

21. Mostly women marry with weak men.

22. Women need only four things: food, water, shelter and praise.

23. Women take more time to get ready then boys.

24. Women know less and understand more.

25. Men lie about there salary and women lie about their age.

26. It is hard to tame a fool but its much more difficult to tame a women.

27. A thief either needs your money or your life but women need both.

28. Tears are just a sweat of eyes for women.

29. Women have better memory then men.

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