Friday, 23 November 2012

Kasab and "9/11"

Full name of "Kasab" was "Mohammad Ajmal Amir Kasab"
He was from Faridkot, Punjab, Pakistan. He and he was born on 1987.
He came to India to become an Actor and wanted role in Bollywood Films.
He has been trained by Jehad Pakistan.
As Everyone he wanted to be a Big and Rich person as soon as possible
At his Childhood he was a playful boy.
He left his village in search of some work or job.

"Haji Mohammad Aslam" Kasab's Neighbour.
He said that he come from a Noble, Humble and Honest family.
His Father was a "Street Vendor". He used to sell snacks on streets.
Kasab did not give any money to his family
His family is still Poor.

Photo of  Mumbai Station at 9/11

At 9/11/2008 He and his Companions killed 166 Indians in Mumbai attack
Well known as "9/11".
and Most Interesting thing is that he was not even 17 at the time of attack.
Kasab was the only person who survived among 10 terrorists.
after some time,

Police asked Kasab," do you Feel any Pity for the people Who were killed in 9/11 by you.
And His Answer was
"You have to these things if you are going to be a Big man and get Rewarded in Heaven".
he was poor teenager labor.
he knew "karate" very well.
And at Last.

He got Hanged in Yarveda Jail, Pune on 21/11/2012.

It is said that
every Muslim is not a terrorist
my question is
why every terrorist is a Muslim?

If u r agree with me

it means you have no answer
if u don't agree then explain it ?

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