Wednesday, 21 November 2012



1. If You Like me then raise your hands, If u don't Like me raise your stranded

2. Negative Attitude is like a Punctured (Flat) Tyre. you will not reach anywhere until you change it.

3. Either My Way or the High way.

4. If you don't like me its your Problem not mine

5. People Laugh at me because I am Different and I laugh at them because they are all same.

6. My Attitude is just a Reflection of your Action, if u don't like it Blame yourself

7. If u need a Loyalty then Please Hire a Dog.

8. I am very much Thankful to you all that said no to me thats because i did it Myself.

9. Love me or Hate me I am gonna Shine

10. Win as if you used to it. Lose as if you enjoyed it just for a change

11. Hurt me with a Trust but never comfort me with a Lie

12. If you are Bad then i am your Dad.

13. Your Attitude can Hurt me but Mine can Kill you

14. Instead of wiping away the Tears, wipe away the person who made you Cry.

15. Relationships never Dies a Natural Death, they Murdered By Ego.

16. Take a Deep Breath, its just a Bad day not a Bad Life.

17. Never bend your Head, Always Hold it high, look the world straight in the Eye.

18. My Attitude is based on "How you treat me".

19. Attitude is a Little thing that makes a Big Difference.

20. Don't show me your Attitude i have got my own.

21. I stopped Fighting with my inner Demons, now we are on the same side.

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