Thursday, 29 November 2012

Honey Bee Story

Hello friends,
Today I am going to tell you a short story with a Great Lesson.

Once there was a Bird and a Honey Bee.
As We all know that both Bird and Honey Bee are Hard Worker
One day,
Bird asked to Honey Bee...
"After a very Long and Continuous Hard Work you Prepare Honey"..
A Man Steal that Honey from you.
Don't you Feel Sad about that
Then, The Honey Bee Replied
"No" I Never Feel Bad for that
Because Of Curse a man can Steal all my Honey
But "He Can Never Steal The Art Of Making Precious Honey From Me".
and that's my Attitude.

You know It takes about 2 Round of whole Earth to Collect 1 K.g of HONEY. 

NOTE:- If you have more intresting and meaningful stories then you can share it.
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