Saturday, 17 November 2012

Quit Job Follow Passion

Job Cycle

If you are going to start your carrier, then you must read this.

You know a person spend approx 15 years in Education field in order to Job or Business and almost 98% people to do Job
and Here your life starts in circular motion
We follow same routine for 20 years of our life
If u are a career oriented person then you must ask these questions to yourself
1. Are you satisfied with your job?
2. Do you have financial freedom?
3. Are you satisfied with your present lifestyle?

Last and most important question
suppose, someday you will be "No More" 
Who will look after your family after you?
i mean to say
4. Are you secure?

If your answer is "NO" then u need to be serious
and You should quit your Job right now.and start following your PASSION.
surveys says that 89% people are not satisfied from their job in the world.
In fact,
In my opinion Job means just OBEY THE JOB or JOKER OF BOUNDARIES .
So, I suggest you to do bisiness instead of doing job.
Start a new Business with new idea (nayafanda)

Now read some facts:-

Most of the rich people are businessman and you can count them on your fingers
Most educated people are doing job under a businessman
Most successful businessmen are not so well educated.

E.g:- Bill Gates, Mickle Dell and Hanery Ford.
but don't hurry in starting business wait for our " How To Start a Business" post.

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