Tuesday, 20 November 2012

A Letter To GOD

Friends Today,
I m going to share a story which is based on Believing.
I Read this story when I was in 10th class

Once there was an Farmer called lanko. He was very poor Indian farmer.
He always used to pray to GOD for everything and thankful to GOD for everything he had in his life.
He believed in God more then anything.
And he was Faithful towards everything and also a Honest person
Once it Rained Heavily (Cats and Dogs) in his village and it destroyed all his crops & Field.
After knowing this...
He became very sad. He had left nothing but didn't lose Hope and started praying to God.
and after thinking much....He decided to write A LETTER TO GOD.
He wrote

                         Dear God,

          I am lanko, I m very much thankful for your grace on me and my family.
                  As you know that due to Heavy Rainfall all my Crops and Field got destroyed. And now I m in Big Lose.
I just need 1000 Rs. to recover all my Loses.
Please Grant me 1000 Rs. to recover all my lose.
             I shall be very much thankful to you for this act of kindness.
After writing this. He sent it to Post office.
And when post master read that Letter he Admired his faith in God.
He decided to give 700 Rs. Because he could not able to Arrange 1000 Rs. for lanko.
After a week...
Post Master went lanko's village and gave him 700 Rs and said God has sent you this amount.
Buy lanko thought that Postmaster kept rest of 300 Rs.
very sadly he took this amount and again start praying to God.
postmaster got Happy but little Disappointed too.
but he did not considered lanko as a Wrong person.
Postmaster just tried to Help him,

So friends,
Try to Help someone without expecting anything in return.
just Help with No Conditions thanks....

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